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Jack Russell Terrier's Confusion Over Why Family's House Guest Is Still in Bed Is Precious

Whenever hosting a guest, you want to make sure they're as comfortable as possible. You spend hours prepping your place, cleaning, buying groceries and making the room tidy. It's called good hospitality! And the best way to get a 5-star hospitality rating is by letting them sleep in and relax. At least you try to let them sleep, but that's not always the case with pets and kids. 

TikTok user @stacy_sanderson was hosting an overnight guest for the first time in the house and well, her Jack Russell Terrier wasn't quite sure what to think of it. Instead of waiting for the guest to get up, her dog decided it was time to investigate who was in the guest room herself. And she didn't wait. It was at 6:15 in the morning! LOL! But despite what you might think, this dog didn't make a ruckus. Check out what she did instead! 

LMAO! What a patient doggo! She really studied the situation and was trying to figure out what is going on, which we totally get because it was the first time a guest spent the night. The poor pup was confused and didn't know what to think! "Lmao she had to approach the situation from all angles to make sure she was seeing correctly😂," commented @User1947484947. Aww, well we think she's an excellent investigator! And an excellent host as well! @conniemorrell4 said, "Just checking on you new human." See, she was making sure the guest was comfortable! That's some good hospitality. 

"At least this baby isn't jumping into the bed. Mine would totally do it😂," wrote @cherylstevens386. LOL! She had some serious self-discipline in not disturbing the guest. Oh wait, we spoke too soon...The creator said she jumped up later. Ha! But we think it's just because she didn't want the guest to sleep the whole day away. She wanted to spend time with the guest, duh! "Excuse me sir-sir, I'm sorry-we have a strict wake-up call policy in place-sir I need you to get out of bed now-," said @thejaguarback.

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Honestly, we wouldn't mind getting woken up this early in the morning if it was because of an adorable dog!

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