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Clip of Jack Russell Watching Her Favorite 'Michael Jackson' Video Is Just the Best

We all have a favorite musical artist that makes us stop what we're doing listen when their music comes on. It's practically like a second nature to give the songs we love our undivided attention. One Jack Russell Terrier is the same way, and it's fantastic to see how she responds to her favorite musician.

TikTok user @10lb_billie recently shared a video of her Jack Russell Terrier, Billie, totally enthralled by what they call "her favorite Michael Jackson video." Billie is sitting back on her hind legs, totally captivated, while an animated mouse dances along to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Check out how adorable she is in the video!

OMG Billie is too funny! She is so great for paying attention to the video her mom put on for her.

People in the comments think Billie is the best! @mamabearto1127 said, "Oh my my my, look at her! She is just too precious, I need to see more of her," and @sylvialongoria160 commented, "How adorable. She’s so beautiful and most definitely focused!" Billie is laser focused on watching her favorite video!

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Others are joking that Billie should have busted out some dance moves! @bandmridge commented, "Ok... Who else was waiting for her to start dancing? So sweet," and @ctwhite007 said, "I was waiting for the moon walk." Too funny! This pup must prefer to watch than to dance, but either way she's having a blast!

Billie is very aptly named, and maybe her momma can make her full name Billie Jean!

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