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Jason Aldean's Wife Orders 'Squirrel Picnic Tables' and We've Officially Seen It All

How's that old saying go? What will they think of next? Well, as we just found out from country singer Jason Aldean, something called a "squirrel picnic table" actually exists. And now it's pretty safe to say that we've officially seen (and heard) it all. 

Jason shared a video of his wife Brittany's latest animal-themed Amazon purchases on TikTok earlier today. Let's just say that if there are any squirrels in the general vicinity of the Aldean residence, they might want to go ahead and set up shop in the couple's backyard. I mean, what squirrel wouldn't want to sit and eat at this thing?

Have you stopped cracking up yet? "So this is what happens when your wife has a couple bottles of wine and wants to jump on Amazon..." Haha! Sound familiar? But seriously, can you even get over those cute little picnic tables? @Frougar6 commented, "😅 You gonna have the first squirrel resort?" @Ashley Sudduth added, "She’s just trying to give them a fancy place to eat 🐿 😂." Another commenter, @Lee Weimaraner had a thought that the rest of us have, too: "I gotta know if this works 😂. I can imagine some squirrels coming out to sit and eat at the picnic table lol."

Of course, at least one person wasn't focused on the squirrel patio furniture. @Trin made a great point, saying, "Oh, you’re in trouble for specifying a “couple” bottles of wine 😳😂." HA! So true!

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Fingers crossed that Jason and Brittany offer us a glimpse of these tiny tables in action. It sure would be comical to see a bunch of squirrels sitting around them enjoying the afternoon.

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