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Video of Squirrel Mesmerized by Man Playing the Saxophone Is Beyond Beautiful

TikTok account @jazzvideo reshares videos of jazz music and we can't get enough. Jazz music is just too beautiful for words. One video, in particular, captured our attention because of the way this performer brings in unique listeners that you wouldn't expect.

The clip, which was originally posted by Heath Jones on Facebook, has over 1.3 million views. The jazz performer has been practicing playing his saxophone at the park every morning. And there is a fur friend that comes to listen every time he's there. You won't believe who!  

O.M.G. If there were ever a perfect video, this would be it. First of all, jazz music soothes the soul. And secondly, a squirrel comes up to listen?! Absolutely incredible! Apparently, this squirrel comes and listens every time he's in the park. That's SO cool! 

"Listening to music in the park while enjoying a snack. Sounds like a pretty solid afternoon to me," wrote @jerzgirl77. Sounds like the perfect afternoon actually! @jaderade777 pointed out, " He snuck snacks into the show!! This is very very cute." HA! He didn't want to pay the high cost of peanuts in the venue. We totally get it! @williambjork0 said, "Dinner and a show." What more could you need?!

Another TikTok user, @blaclabl, said, "I think this is a Pixar movie." HA! This could absolutely be a scene in a Pixar movie. It could be like a new version of Ratatouille just with jazz music instead of cooking. We would see that movie in a heartbeat!


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