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Dog's Jealous Reaction to Another Pup Visiting Her House Cracks Us Up

Dogs can be very territorial of their homes and their owners. Introducing new dogs to another dogs home, especially after having lived there a long time, can lead to tension between the pups. This one beagle became jealous when suddenly, there were two new dogs walking around her house.

TikTok user @profawoods recently shared a video of her beagle, Lilly, having to share the attention of her parents when their friends brought over their two Labrador Retrievers. Lilly is displeased at having to share the spotlight, and her jealous reaction is too funny! Check out the video to see how Lilly handles having these two new dogs in her house.

LOL, Lilly is giving those pups some major stink-eye! It is so cute how she is sulking and trying not to look at the visiting dogs.

Fellow beagle owners in the comments found this behavior extremely familiar. @aplatten6 said, "That’s the look my senior beagle gives to other dogs," and @rose.annette commented, "My sweet beagle was just like this. She was so stingy with her parents and house. She did NOT like sharing." Dogs who get territorial about their home and family are doing so from a place of love, so we can totally understand their reaction.

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Even non-beagle owners recognize this behavior, like @katarinagravestone, who said, "I watch my friend's beagle often and this is how she acts as a guest in MY house. Like my dogs existing in her vacation house ruins her life." Too funny! Beagles definitely like to stake their claim to familiar houses, even if they don't live there.

It seems like beagles might not be good at sharing, but they are definitely good at loving their owners, so it's a fair trade off!

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