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Jennifer Garner's Chaotic Attempt to Bathe Her Cat Has Everyone Cracking Up

Baths are an inconvenient necessity in life, even if you're Jennifer Garner's cat. That's right--the movie star needed to give her buddy some quick bathing and detangling, so naturally, she posted the endeavor on TikTok. Oh, boy, are we glad she did.  

In the first clip, Garner holds her kitty, Moose, while he stands on the laundry room counter. She politely covers his ears as she explains what happened (hint: he pooped himself), and then the hilarity ensues. Grab the popcorn!

Oh. My. Goodness. This video has the ability to heal wounds and perform miracles--it's just that good. Needless to say, the comments section is absolutely raving over the chaotic bath adventure, and it only makes it better. 

"I didn't know that I needed to watch Jennifer Garner wash a cat today, but I did," wrote @mkmkmkmkmkmkmk13, and, honestly, we feel this on a spiritual level. This clip singlehandedly turned our day around, and we're not the only ones. 

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Truly, though, it was Jen herself who was the star of this TikTok. Not only is she funny AF despite having her cat's butt in her face, but it's so obvious how much she cares for Moose. @Yeaitspenny wrote, "'I deserve it, I don't blame him.' Spoken like a true cat person." Our thoughts exactly. Besides, @madisonnotwisconsin reminded us, "If you didn't get scratched, did your cat really have a bath???" No, no they did not. 

"I’m here for you. And impressed," wrote professional cat trainer @jacksongalaxy. OK--if he's impressed, Miss Garner is doing something right with Moose. Still, even the gentlest cat handlers end up with scratches. It happens!

"'What would my mom do?'" commented @christineborn. "The most important question 😂." Right? Jen is downright hilarious and 1000% relatable. We just love her!

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