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'Bachelorette' Star's Boxer Refuses to Get Out of Her Kid's Car Seat in Hilarious Viral Video

Dogs are absolutely hysterical — and often without really meaning to be. Typically something funny happens when your dog is trying to pull a fast one. Or maybe your dog is like one Boxer, who went viral one for a video where he refused to get out of a child's car seat.

We all know that dogs have a hard time adjusting to a new member of the family. But Nacho took things to a whole new level. The pup in question belongs to former "Bachelorette" star Jillian Harris (@jillian.harris). Who thankfully captured the moment in all its hilarity and reposted it on her page from 2018. "Nacho, that's not your seat," she can be heard saying from behind the camera. "That's not your seat, Nacho," she repeats. "That's Leo's seat. Come on, move over." Nacho's reaction was too hilarious. He is giving his mama some serious sass.

"Remember a few years ago Nacho’s funny antics caused him to go viral?!" the caption reads. 

The video has since been watched over 1.6 million times. "That’s a hard NO from Nacho. What do you call a seat that’s not yours? Nacho seat," @courtney.shu joked. "I believe you are mistaken ma’am. That is clearly Nacho’s seat," @laceyeliza83 teased. "Nacho said, 'I used to be the only baby,'" @spillway3 joked. "Nacho said I’m comfortable so he’s gonna have to find another seat," @kcreat8 kidded. 

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Sadly for little Leo, it seems like Nacho wasn't going to move from his car seat any time soon. But who could blame him? Don't we all want a special seat in the car for those long car trips? 

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