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Viral Video of K9 Dog Receiving His Send-Off Into Retirement Has People All Choked Up

Despite belonging to completely different species, humans and canines have quite a lot in common. Dogs work just as hard, love just as fully, and enjoy many of the same life milestones as we do. When a dog has a job, though, these similarities only grow.

It makes total sense, then, that @k9_grimm received a retirement send-off fit for any loyal officer. After dedicating about 50 dog years (that's 7 human years) to protecting his community, Grimm the Dutch Shepherd can now enjoy his golden years in peaceful, blissful retirement...with his officer/owner, of course!

Congratulations, Grimm! Your retirement is well-deserved, though we have no doubt that your fellow officers will miss seeing you around. We know we would! 

By the sounds of it, @odin.von.rafferty would too! They said that they're "crying over a dog I've never met simply retiring🥰," and they're not the only ones. Pass the tissues, please!

"This made me cry 🥺," agreed @suemc71. Who knew retirement could be so emotional? Even Grimm's dad--his work partner and dedicated owner--couldn't deny the emotions. He said, "I couldn’t say anything more after the sign off. Blessed he is healthy and I will cherish the years to come with him as my best friend at home ❤️." We are oh-so-happy for you!

"The way he got SO excited when she started talking to him 😭😭," was a favorite moment of @spaceypeach's, and we loved it, too. He couldn't even sit still on the stage! Even if he didn't know what kind of call he was getting, we can tell just how much he loved to work with his dad. Now they can play, instead! 

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