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Video of K9 Dog Saying Goodbye to Officers Before His Passing Has Us Sobbing

Grab a tissue and a pillow to hug before you keep reading. This one is a tearjerker, to say the least. Still, this video is a heartbreakingly beautiful moment between K9 Officer Shadow and the department he spent his life protecting, and we're so glad we got to see their show of love and thanks.

The clip, which was shared by the Cado Parish Sheriff's Office on their TikTok account, shows the canine spending a moment with each officer before he crosses the rainbow bridge. Now that the video is going viral, we hope the officers can find some comfort in knowing just how many lives K9 Officer Shadow touched. Even after his passing, he is still reminding us of the love and devotion we get from our dogs every day. You'll want to grab the tissues before watching this.

It's beyond clear from this video that this dog was so loved, and by the looks of it--he loved them right back! 

Even the people who commented on the clip are honoring Officer Shadow, and it's beautiful to see. @Frontliner121 wrote, "He went to every single person and said Good bye. Broke my heart. Thank you K9 Officer Shadow for your service. I salute you. Rest In Peace ❤️." That was a truly beautiful tribute.

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"We don’t deserve dogs. I’m so sorry for the loss of this precious soul," wrote randimarie77. We totally agree-- dogs are so special.

Just ask @K9doc11. "I’m crying watching him lean on everyone for pets," they wrote. "I’m a former K9 Police Handler. I lost two dogs while on duty. I know the pain!" We absolutely cannot imagine it, but it does bring us peace to know how these K9 Officers are honored, even on their last day.

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