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Kate Beckinsale's Workout With Her Cat Gives New Meaning to the Term 'Catwalk'

Celebs, they’re just like us, right? Um, not always. While many of us love to exercise, it’s definitely not every day that we do it like actress Kate Beckinsale. She just made waves online for a recent unusual workout session.

Sure, we know that actors like to work out, but not many of them do it quite like Kate does. In a video recently shared on her Instagram page, the actress can be seen walking on a treadmill. Totally normal. But then you notice that she isn’t walking by herself. Nope, in her arms was her cat, Clive. “Fitness is our passion,” she joked in the video’s caption.

Wow. Now, that's one way to get your steps in! People in the comments section couldn’t help cracking up over the A-lister’s workout buddy. “If you don’t call that the catwalk…” joked @danwills5150. “How to stay fit? *scribble’s furiously*…A cat in your right hand while on treadmill,” @Themuffreport added. “Clive look’s winded 😮😮😮😮😮,” @chuckhird joked. “Is that cat working out or falling asleep? 🤔” @Olicurry2 wondered.

Of course, Kate and Clive always like to have some indulgences in their routine. In another video, the actress and Clive decided to share a little snack together; In-N-Out. She can be seen getting ready to go out ,while Clive munches on a few spare fries. “Little slice of Friday night, animal style,” she wrote.


We guess these two really know how to both work hard and have a little fun. It's called balance, okay?