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Video of Kids Being Surprised With a Cat for Christmas Has Us in Our Feelings

All kids look forward to the winter holidays when they can receive gifts from their family and finally get their hands on the latest toy or game. Two kids were very excited to receive a surprise early Christmas gift from their mom, and what they got much better than they expected.

TikTok user and mother of two, @sarahmeredith2020, had the opportunity to adopt a cat named Charlie from her friends because he was not received well by his previous family's first cat. After Sarah's family's cat, Ollie, died two years earlier, she knew this would be the perfect surprise for her kids, who she said missed having a cat to love. Watch the video below to see the kids' heartwarming reaction to their new kitty.

Oh wow, we're tearing up over here. These two kids are so sweet when they hold the cat, you can immediately tell Charlie is going to be loved and cared for tremendously. 

People in the comments were getting misty-eyed as well. @teddywiththumbs said, "God, why do kids crying over new pets get me crying Every. Damn. Time," and, commented, "This is beautiful! Your son’s reaction has me in tears! I hope they had the most wonderful Christmas that year!" The love that children have for their pets is so pure and wholesome, it's enough to make any adult cry.

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Others thought her son's reaction was very significant. @amiekent222 commented, "I just know for a moment, when he closed his eyes, he imagined holding his first true kitty love and felt every ounce of love he ever built for Ollie." Another user, @sarrahjenny, said, "That boy is has so much love in his heart. And thank you for rescuing Charlie." It can be so difficult to lose a beloved pet at a young age, and this little boy is going to recover from that heartbreak with the help of his new cat, Charlie.

This mom's early gift was such a wonderful gesture for the kitty and her children. She was able to prevent the cat from being returned to the shelter while proving her children with their greatest want. What a lovely holiday for this family.

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