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Kitten Adopts Orphaned Raccoon as Her Baby in Video We Can't Resist

Many animals naturally have a motherly instinct. This trait comes out most often when an animal gives birth, but sometimes, other circumstances draw out the maternal nature. One kitty channeled her motherly instincts when she adopted an orphaned baby raccoon during its recovery process at a rehabilitation center.

TikTok user @ellegreene2018 is a wildlife rehabilitator and helps a wide variety of small wildlife animals heal and recover from injury and disease. She recently shared a heartwarming video of her cat's motherly relationship toward one of her patients, a baby raccoon. The video tells us that the cat allows the baby to pull, bite, and kiss her, and in exchange she watches over the baby raccoon while she sleeps. Check out the video to see how sweet these two are toward each other!

OMG, this is too adorable! This kitty is such a wonderful adopted momma to this baby raccoon. They're a purr-fect match!

People in the comments thought this video was absolutely delightful. @nancyschmidt01 said, "My heart is doubly claimed. Thank you for the BOGO of cuteness," and @dyw8ulprudbi commented, "Omg, I just love this… Sweet mama kitty." This really is a cuteness overload!

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Others wished that humans would take some notes from these lovely animals. @gmc3500 commented, "Why can’t people be like that with each other? The world would a better place!" and @slhenley7 said, "Love is blind and true. We as humans should open our eyes." Animals have such a selfless and loving disposition, there are many lessons we could learn from these two!

This video is too pure for words. We hope this cat and raccoon are able to stay friends for a long time.

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