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Tiny Black Kitten's Reaction to Seeing a Hallway for the First Time Is Irresistible

Kittens are just so sweet. Part of their appeal is that they are just so tiny and helpless that is brings out the nurturing side in all of us, and we want to shield them from every danger in the world, even if that danger is just imaginary in their tiny little kitten heads. 

Check out this precious baby that TikTok account @Herbergerblin posted of their little smol void black kitten and see if you just want to save this baby from this terrifying hallway! 

This hallway has NO right being this big and scary! This hallway needs to be filled with rainbows and fluffy clouds for this baby! @Queenlibra notices something else this tiny kitten is concerned about, and posts, "I love when pets sometimes get so confused about what a hand is. Like bro, I pet and feed you with this. Why are you treating me like a stranger!" @Razane adds, "Tiny void now knows how smol it is! He's adorable!" @Abbie comments, "OMG as a fellow void owner he's gonna be attached at the hip to you for the rest of his life." Awwwww! .

Before they know it, smol void is gonna be tearing down that hallway and batting crinkle balls and felt mice with him. They only stay tiny for so long and pretty soon this smol widdle baby will be a big black void not afraid of anything! 

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