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Little Boy's Reaction To Surprise Birthday Kitten Is the Sweetest

Any parent can tell you there's just something so special about giving your child a pet as a gift. Most children are fantastic pet parents, and pet ownership teaches them love, empathy and responsibility. Plus, watching a child totally overwhelmed with love at receiving their own pet to care for and nurture is just so freaking joyful! 

Just watch this precious video that TikTok account holder @Jadew93 posted presenting her son with a birthday kitten and try not to well up with tears at this kid. He's just too adorable. 

We aren't crying! You're crying! @จรัญพร เจนนิเฟอร์ จอย comments, "So raised right. With all his different emotions he still showed his thankfulness." So true. @user1574935997233 adds, "This child feels heard and his needs were met. It’s so rare and beautiful to watch." @Princesstypi says, "You did GREAT. Kitten helped him release all his pent up emotions. Your kids will grow wholesome just like parents." 

We love seeing reactions like this. Here's to the happiest of future birthdays to this boy and his cat and many fun and wonderful memories growing up together. 

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