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Kitten 'Falls in Love' With Woman's Boyfriend in Greece and We Can't Take It

In Greece, there are many stray cats and dogs. These animals are usually cared for and fed by the local residents as well as municipal governments. Tourists are often amazed by all the strays they encounter on the street, and animal lovers can't help but make friends with all the fur babies they encounter on their travels. One man is experiencing this struggle first hand on his trip to Greece.

TikTok user @marianasavi0 recently shared a video of her boyfriend befriending a calico kitten in Greece. The couple lives in Paris and were visiting Greece on a vacation when he encountered a stray he couldn't stay away from. In the video, the kitten sits on her boyfriend's lap during dinner when he shared his plan to keep this kitten with his girlfriend. Check out the video to see how this boyfriend is scheming to take this kitten with him.

OMG, these two make such an adorable pair! In the video, the boyfriend said he was going to put the kitten in his bag and take it back to France, which seems like a great idea to us! They clearly have a bond already, and he would be helping reduce the stray population in Greece. It's a win-win!

People in the comments thought it was amazing how ready he was to take the kitten home. @laura.b978 said, "His face when you laughed killed me. This man isn't playing," and @josephinepllt commented, "He was dead serious." Animal lovers don't joke around when it comes to rescuing an animal they've bonded with. That's his kitten now!

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Others thought it was amazing how much he loved the kitten already. @tvkbaby commented, "That’s the best quality a man can have," and @gg0ldengguki said, "If my future husband isn't like this I don't want him." His attitude toward this cat is definitely a green flag because it shows he has a soft and compassionate heart. So sweet!

We hope he was able to take this sweet kitten home so these three can be together for a long time. Such lovely experience to have on vacation.

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