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Kitten Attempting to Catch Football on TV Is Cracking Us Up

We find it so cool that pets can focus while watching TV. And the fact that they're actually interested is really something else. From Saturday morning cartoons to the animal channel, they will seriously watch it all. Some are even NFL superfans like this one foster kitten. 

TikTok user @fosterkittenmamma was watching the Saints/Bengals game when her kitten jumped up on the TV stand and joined in on the viewing party. The kitten was so into it that she even tried to play the game herself and catch the ball. But based on the end result, we think she might need a little more practice. LOL! 

O.M.G. We feel a little bad laughing but how can you not? It's too funny! Yes, the poor kitten might've fallen, but she touched the ball and that's better than some NFL players. If she keeps at it, she might be good enough to get a tryout with an NFL team. LOL! 

"That's interference," wrote @juice5621. Ha! Don't call her out, she's still learning the game. She is only a kitten for crying out loud! "A Bengals fan I see," said @albertrodriguez69. We'd say she's a Bengals fan after trying to block that field goal. LOL! 

Another TikTok user, @mae_rodriguez_, commented, "Not the endzone dance we were expecting." We definitely weren't expecting this result, but hey, at least she tried her best! "That thud. She hit hard but she gets points for trying and style points for fall," added @andrewnoland2. Maybe she'll be successful next time! And honestly, it wasn't her fault she fell. As @katerina_rose_9 said, "Clearly the ball came through the screen and knocked kitty down." Exactly! 


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