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Kitten's 'Ferocious' Little Sounds While Eating Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

There's nothing cuter than baby kittens noises. The tiny mewing, the purring when they make biscuits with their little paws, those baby kitten yawns. @Kittyboyandfriends shared an adorable video of her foster kitten and it's just too cute for words. 

Awww, the little sounds they make when they eat.. wait, this isn't so little! Watch this video and decide if this is a purring dinosaur kitten? A purring shark kitten? What is this adorable little floof sounding like to you? 

LOL! She's so angry! But hungry! But happy to be eating! But angry to be eating! She's a hangry little thing! @Jamie says, "All you can do is laugh. That is so cute. Trying to be all mean and vicious." @TiffanyPatterson says, "I love the food aggressive ones! So funny!" @GloriusGloriaa replies, "I think it  doesn't like getting petted while eating."

It absolutely does seem like this little pumpkin is demonstrating some food aggression, which is common with kittens that were abandoned in the wild. The older it gets and the more it realizes it can depend on regular and frequent meals, the more comfortable it will become with eating. But in the meantime, enjoy those sweet purrs and growls during mealtime, they don't last forever! 

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