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Precious Video of Tiny Kitten Learning How to Stand Is Going Viral

TikTok users are obsessing over the latest viral video and we're here to share that it definitely did not disappoint. The clip from @tinyfoldmunchkin has reached over 6.8 million views and 1.1 million likes in just two days. We might be responsible for a million of those views because we couldn't turn it off. It was just too cute to look away! 

One of the reasons why this video is gaining so much attention is because the little kitten is just so adorable. But we see adorable animals daily, as does the TikTok community. So what made this stand out was the fact this kitten was learning a new trick! We see dogs doing tricks, but cats, now that's new for us. We promise you'll be just as impressed as we were with what this tiny kitten learned!  

Holy adorable!! First of all, we're a sucker for kittens. But a kitten doing tricks?! We've never seen a cat do tricks like this before. It's beyond amazing and something we can get behind! The kitty really stood up when asked and she was waving her little paws all over the place! Ugh, our hearts are melting!

"Admittedly I'm not a cat person but I might have to be now 😂," said @skylersmomma1023. We have a feeling this video changed a lot of users into cat people now. LOL! We mean, how can you not be?! @penelopesmercy added, "So freakin adorable I could just squeeze him!!!" Same! We want to give the kitty a squeeze and never let go!  

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"She might be able to stand but I can't stand the cuteness! ❤️❤️❤️," wrote @TubularBelle. Retweet! We're seriously blown away by this video. Time to go back and watch it a few more times! 

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