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Kitten Learns How to Clean Herself by Watching Grown Cat's Example and Our Hearts Can't Take It

Aren't you amazed at how much kids can pick up on what they see? They're incredibly smart and sometimes don't get enough credit. They can easily learn how to do certain tasks or how to talk to someone by just picking up our mannerisms. The cool thing is that animals are the same way. They learn from watching their parents or older siblings just like a kid does. And it's an amazing sight to see when they pick up on a new skill. 

TikTok user @elzrosehr captured one of these special moments of her kitten learning from her older cat sibling. The older cat was grooming herself by licking her fur. Right next to her sat the kitten, watching very intently to see how her sissy was doing it. This kitty is one fast learner because it didn't take long for her to try it on her own and our hearts simply can't take the cuteness! 

Aww! Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! Her kitten was acting like the perfect little student. She was watching so attentively to make sure she knew what to do. And then she started doing it on herself! Ugh, too cute! 

"I love this stage of kittens when learning from mama 😍. It can be so fun watching them in the learning process," commented @Carol Montgomery191. Right?! It's like you can see their little wheels turning in their brain. Such an amazing moment to capture on camera!

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Another TikToker @cupsofconfetti said, "The way she stops to look and make sure she's doing it right 🖤." Aww! She wanted to get it down perfectly. "Big cat really said, 'No. You're not watching, I'll do you a replay,' just with one look🤭 Kitten - 🤞. Big cat - 'Smashed it 💪,'" wrote @oscarsmommy1997. Yes, this was totally the interaction they had as the kitty was learning! You can tell how the older cat was proud too. We can't wait to see what else this kitten learns from the best big sister! 

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