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Rescued Kitten Thinks Little Girl Is Her Mom and It's the Sweetest Thing

Kids and animals form bonds with each other very easily. They both offer their love to each other and become quick companions. One kitten was rescued by a young girl in a family of six, and the two immediately formed an incredible bond that is amazing to witness.

TikTok user @stephmarti9379 recently shared a video showing the bond between her daughter, Natalie, and their rescue kitten. The two are laying face to face on the ground while the kitten puts her paws on the little girls face. Steph said in the caption of the video that the kitten views Natalie as her mother. Check out the video to see what wholesome moment made them think this about the kitten. 

OMG, this is the cutest thing ever. The kitten is sucking on Natalie's lip, which, according to the caption, has been going on for several months every day. The text on the video says that Natalie does this with their kitten every day after school.

It is common for kittens to suck on things, such as blankets or fingers, as a way to comfort themselves or to show affection. However, we've never heard of a kitten sucking on their owners face until now! The kitten likely saw some members of this family kissing each other and started doing the same thing with her new 'mom.' It's so sweet that this kitten loves Natalie so much.

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This mutual love between the kitten and Natalie is adorable. We love that the kitten feels so safe and loved with her family, and it's amazing how much love and compassion Natalie has for this kitten. We could all take a few lessons from these two!

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