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Video of Kitten Who ‘Thinks Little Girl Is His Mom’ Is Going Viral

TikTok user @anony.moos shared an adorable clip that has already reached over 3.1 million views on its first day. In the video, her daughter is holding a kitten while she is clearly preoccupied and watching TV. But still, the two of them look so comfortable with each other. Maybe a little too comfortable, LOL!  

The little girl really didn't mind holding the kitten, in fact, it looked like she does this all the time. No wonder the little furry fella looks like he is right at home relaxing. Plus, he didn’t want to leave! But what he does to the little girl makes us wonder if he forgot she isn’t actually his mama. 

We love how the little girl barely seemed to notice. She must be a big sister or something because she already has motherly instincts. And we just know she’ll take care of this little baby forever! 

@Felicia Kessler assured us in the comments that this is a normal thing kittens do. She wrote, "Hi! Vet assistant here! It’s called suckling! It’s a comfort mechanism for the kitty! It’s like the term “making biscuits” but it’s a different form!" See, totally normal! And based on the TikTok comments, so many other cat owners have experienced this with their furry besties.

"I have a cat that still does this and is almost 2 years old!!" said @maggie. OMG! Do you think some cats do this their whole lives? @ava k has the answer. She commented, "GUYS! some cats suckle just for comfort too and never grow out of it even if they were taken from their mom at the appropriate time." We'll add this to our 'you learn something new every day' tab!