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Kitten's Adorable Reaction to Meeting a Huge Dog Isn't What We Expected

Meeting someone new can be intimidating. It doesn't matter if you're shy or not. The whole unfamiliarity is a bit overwhelming. So when you throw in the fact that the new person is a couple of feet taller than you, then it's a whole other ballgame. It can be scary! Although, once you get to know them you realize all your worrying was for nothing. 

Pets meeting other animals most likely go through the same feelings. But we believe it's probably heightened, especially if the other pet is twice their size. They might feel like they can't defend themselves and they get nervous. Take for instance this little kitten meeting a dog for the first time. You might have an idea of how the kitty reacted, but this video from TikTok user @brittanyhergott will shock you. 

LOL! The poor kitty was so scared and understandably so. The dog was huge in comparison! But honestly, we were surprised the kitty didn't run away. He was a brave boy! And luckily, that dog seemed like such a sweetheart. All he wanted to do was to say hello! That's why he was so confused when the kitty was backing up. Guess it's true when they say pets don't always know their size!

"Dog is like, 'I think I scared him.' 😹😹😹," wrote @RG2014. Lol, you think?! We think just a little more time and then the kitty won't be so scared! "I'd be scared of something big enough to swallow me whole too 😂😂," added @courtneyjmk. Ha! That's very fair! 

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Another TikTok user, @Jesus von Nazareth, wrote what the cat was probably thinking, "Damn bro, why must the first dog I ever see be that freakin huge??!" LOL! At least the kitten didn't look scared in the clip. As @nicolealexandria45 pointed out, "Wow! Very brave and holding his ground!" He'll be able to stand up to anything now! 

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