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Kitten's Reaction to Dad Interrupting Her Nap Makes Us LOL

If there's one thing we hate, it's getting woken up from a nap! You're all comfortable under a fuzzy blanket, dreaming the day away. And then before you can wake up peacefully, someone barges into your room. Loud as can be. Kiss goodbye to your restful nap because it's impossible to fall back asleep. We wish we could be like this one kitten who demands respect during her naps. 

TikTok user @warsiyrussom let the kitten sleep on his lap, which was his first mistake. Everyone knows if you let an animal sleep on you, you can't move for at least the next few hours. He tried to get the kitten to wake up because he wanted to go home but based on the little kitty's reaction, that wasn't happening any time soon. You'll be wanting to take notes from her to better your napping experience! 

Aww! She's just a sleepy kitty! It's her nap time which is very crucial for a growing girl. At least she asked nicely to go back to sleep. We wouldn't have been so kind. LOL!

TikTok users are coming to the kitten's defense and saying how rude it was to wake up this precious kitty. @Michael Short991 wrote, "Do not disturb the floor." If he has to stay there another 5 hours, then he has to stay there! "Moving a sleeping cat is a serious crime. 😂," added @aureliakydian. And for committing that crime, he has to let her sleep! Or as @leelooleo put it, "Well now she has to start over because you woke her up." Sorry, we don't make the rules around here! 

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We think the reason why this video has over 5 million views and 1.4 million likes is that it's so relatable. Naps are vital to everyday life. It's also relatable not just because it's a nap, but also because this is how we feel every morning when our alarm goes off. @marlaney_grace wrote, "Me getting up in the morning." LOL! And then the snooze button gets hit way too many times. Why can't our alarm listen like this cat dad?!

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