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Kitten's Adorable 'Screaming' Meows Have TikTok Captivated

No matter how many times we might see a kitten or puppy, we will never get sick of them. Every little thing they do is just so adorable. The tripping over themselves as they learn to manage their own paws, the endless playful energy. We seriously can't get enough! Thankfully there are TikTok accounts dedicated to our fur baby needs.

One example of this is coming from TikTok creator @tinyfoldmunckin, who is a Scottish Fold Munchkin and British Shorthair Breeder based out of Berkeley, California. The TikTok account is filled with videos of these precious little things. To say we're obsessed is a complete understatement. But there is one tiny little orange fur ball on this TikTok account that has captivated us all. The clip has nearly 2 million views! Listen and you'll see why we're so in love. 

Stop it! There's nothing we want to do more than snuggle with a tiny kitten exactly like this one. Those meows are just too precious. We could listen to that all day long! If you don't agree that this video is stinking cute, you're lying!

"Is that kitten part husky??🧐🤔," said @captain_daddy. O.M.G. We can't stop laughing at this because we all know huskies are a very vocal breed. So maybe this little fella is going to be a vocal cat! TikTok users are already flooding the comments with some speculation on what those meows might mean. @jupiterlupiter.x said, "Someone's upset." Maybe this little one is just upset because of what @sugermabear wrote, "Someone sleepy and hungry." Yep, that's the one! We get like that too. LOL! 

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Another user, @lskelderon, commented, "A kitten singing the song of its people!" Aww! And now that he knows the song, we bet he does it all the time! "Hear the roar!😂," added @mullix. He's probably so excited he learned to be heard! It's just like a baby who starts using their words. Never stop singing! 

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