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Kitten's Sleepy Nap in Rescuer's Hand Is Melting Hearts Across the Internet

Rescuing a pet can be a challenging adjustment for everyone in your home, but it feels oh-so-magical when your new baby starts trusting you. Whether they let you feed them, pet them, or maybe they ask for a cuddle for the first time, seeing an animal relax in your presence feels so rewarding. Just ask the amazing person who runs @baileymorganrescuecats on TikTok!

This rescuer now has two felines to call their own, but this viral video stars little Morgan, a baby tabby cat. In the clip, Morgan makes herself comfortable in the hands (or, in this case, hand) of her rescuer, and it has us longing for more.

What a tiny baby! We love her so much, and all she's done is sleep. And purr! 

Clearly, with nearly half a million views and tons of loving comments, we aren't the only ones who are obsessed with Morgan. @Najielmasri commented, "That’s so cuteeeee, I love kitten purrs, they are the loudest." Right? Her happy sounds are simply the best--and such a compliment to her new momma!

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"Animals sleep in the weirdest positions as though they're devoid of bones," @michaelwillette42 wrote. LOL, that's so true, though. It's pretty funny to find a pet in an unexpected sleeping position, but the added cuteness is just a bonus! Just like @sanie1au said, "My FYP finally delivering peak content." Heck yeah!

When we were done ogling over sleepy baby Morgan, we got a gooood laugh from @copperplatemonkey's comment. "See why is it when a kitten purrs in their sleep. It's cute. I snore in mine, and the Mrs. tries to kill me," he wrote. Ha! To be fair, a snore and a purr are slightly different sounds, but this guy does have a point. Maybe if you show your wife this video she'll forget to be annoyed! 

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