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Kitten Wrestles With Squishmallow Plush in Video We Just Can't Resist

When you have a pet, there are certain luxuries you have to give up. You won't want to leave your shoes outside if you just brought home a puppy, and your stuffed animals might need to be stored on a higher shelf. If you're Destiny, who goes by @des.valles on TikTok, though, nothing will keep your curious cat from getting to their favorite plush toys. 

That's right--Dippin the kitty loves her mama's Squishmallow stuffed animals so much, that she now has a collection of her own. It's a good thing, too, because she's not very gentle with them! 

LMAO! Dippin is going to town wrestling with that plushie! We totally get why Destiny had to share this hilarious clip, and we're oh-so-glad she did. We think it's safe to say that other viewers are, too!

"Oh so it’s how she lets out her aggression," wrote commenter @maddiedabhaddie. We guess so! At least she isn't trying to attack her mom's feet or clothes, right? @Baileyperez guessed that she "had some weird beef with every single Squishmallow in a past life for sure," and we wouldn't be shocked if it were true. Just look at her!

@Kileykitty and nearly 5 thousand other followers "vote for you to get [her her] own [stuffed animals,]" and we're happy to report that their wish came true. In a follow-up video, Destiny showed off her kitty's whole collection!

Dippin is one spoiled lil' girl, and we are totally living for it. We can't wait to see her collection grow!

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