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Video of Kitten Discovering Her First Sunbeam Is Melting Hearts

We all love those first few sunny days after a long winter, but seeing a kitten online bask in a sunbeam for the very first time takes that feeling to a whole new level. Little Rue was absolutely flummoxed the first time she went out and saw the sun on the floor. Thankfully for us, her mama captured the whole adorable scene on video and shared it online.

Over 2.6 million people have watched the video on Yige (@fostersxyz’s) Instagram page. As the Satellite Nursery Coordinator for the Orphan Kitten Club non-profit explained in her post, it was Rue’s very first time in the sun. Hilariously, Yige set the footage to the song “Confused,” by Dean Martin — which pretty accurately described Rue’s emotional state. She looks just a bit lost.

Some people couldn’t get over the pure cuteness of Rue playing in the sun. “Be still, my beating heart,” @iamlindsaysnook wrote. “Adding this to my, ‘it’s been a long day, here’s a kitten’ folder,” @anneke.arlene agreed. “Way way too adorable and cute,” @serth37 chimed in. “It looks like it’s trying to grab the dust that shows in the sunlight,” @nanniimo mused. “Literally everyone in Vermont feels this way today after a long winter, “@runtessa joked.

In another post, Yige explained that Rue and her siblings; Fez and Maddie are all named after characters on the show “Euphoria.” And if you’ve really fallen in love, they’re all up for adoption, too!

It's always so sweet to see your kitten's firsts. And just think, we've got a whole summer of sunshine ahead of us!