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Video of Kitten Patiently Waiting for Owner by the Shower Is Capturing People's Hearts

Our pets are a lot more intuitive than we give them credit for. They are able to pick up on patterns in their lives, including the schedules of their owners. This one kitten memorized her owner's shower schedule and decided to wait for her in the bathroom each night.

In the video posted on TikTok, @tofumisosoups walks into the bathroom and flicks the light on to see her cat, Miso, sitting patiently on the edge of the bathtub. Miso's owner approaches her kitty to say hello, and you can hear how loud she's purring. Between the cute kitty and her adorable sounds, this video is sure to melt your heart.

It is so kind of Miso to wait patiently for her owner and give her such a lovely greeting!

People couldn't believe the effects this short video had on their mood. @metalheadpanic commented, "This is the best video ever. Nothing has given me more truly calming and complete serotonin." Can you even imagine a more peaceful sound? @kailey.johnston expressed a similar feeling: "I think the purr just healed me." The precious sounds of Miso's purrs gave us all the good tingles.

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Other cat owners in the comments said their cats have done similar things. @redhoodlum93 said, "My cat has my day to day schedule all memorized and knows that she has to wait till the weekend for her wet food," and @lynxminks commented, "My cat does a wake up call, I'd prefer this tuck in service instead… consulting with him today." LOL! So adorable how cats adopt the habits of their owners like these kitties have.

If hearing this melody of gentle purrs was incorporated into our nightly routine, we would sleep so peacefully. How can anyone have a bad night of sleep when this sound is echoing in your head as you doze off?

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