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Sweet Sound of Litter of Kittens Playing Together Has People Obsessed

Is there anything better than a house full of kittens? Sure, they might be a lot of work, but it's all worth it when you hear their little feet pad around the house. This is especially true for one Ragdoll mama from Fort Worth, Texas who saw her 13 kittens playing together and knew it would put a smile on so many faces. 

The cat-mama regularly posts on her TikTok page, Pearl’s Ragdolls (@pearlsragdolls) but a video of her kittens playing went so viral online that people asked her to repost it without any added music. The result? Just the sweetest little video that you an imagine. We could watch these kittens playing together all day long. Look at their tiny paws!

"No music this time, so you can hear the sound of their little feet running," Pearl noted in the caption. 

So many people tuned in to watch the siblings play (over 400,000!) and people were charmed. "This looks like so much fun," @emilyfox3590 wrote. "I would absolutely not get a damn thing done," @missmeow614 joked. "I am certain this is what heaven looks like," @tigger_dee teased. "I would love a houseful of kittens!" @smplystacey exclaimed.

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A follow up video on Pearl's page shows that it wasn't all fun and games, however. "This was when Ezra got in trouble with mama Summer," she wrote in the caption. 

Awww. Come on, Mom. He just wants to play! 

We guess no matter who you are, your mom will always be there to make sure you've cleaned behind your ears.

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