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Foster Kittens’ Reactions to Meeting Each Other Couldn’t Be Any Sweeter

A pair of foster kittens have almost certainly been taking notes from their mama, as can be seen in a new video online. The kittens were so protective of an even younger foster cat. And now people are cheering for these two kitties for being extremely good mommies to their new little friend.

The kittens were caught in action in a video later shared by TikTok creator Laila (@fosterkittenmamma). Apparently, there are about eight foster kittens in the house at the moment and only one mama cat — so we can sort of see why this happened. In the footage, the two kittens are practically laying on top of the younger kitten in effort to shelter her. "Are you two protecting the baby?" a female voice can be heard saying off-camera. "This is so cute. Are you hugging her?" she continued. 

Over 200,000 people have watched @fosterkittenmama's video — and they were so in love with these three. "Babies protecting babies," @secretmermaid67 mused. "This is our baby and we love her and stay away!" @dizzyedupgirl joked, as if reading the kittens' minds. "I love how the one in the back is keeping eyes on you like 'don’t touch my siblings! My siblings!'" @nightmarechild2000 teased. 

Although another commenter had a different opinion on what was going on here completely: “No, Sharon, we’re trying to sleep! Turn the lights off!” @mullix joked.

A second video on the TikToker's page shows the only adult cat in all her glory. "That face when you realize that you have eight kittens and most of them aren't even yours and you wonder, 'how did I get here?'" @fosterkittenmama joked from offscreen.

Which is a feeling that we're sure all parents can relate to.