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Viral Video of Kittens Watching 'Tom and Jerry' Is So Good We Can't Even

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon that has engrossed children for more than 80 years and since it first aired in 1940. Kids love to watch this cat and mouse duo battle for the upper hand, and they get a kick out of their antics. One viral video is proving that it's not only human children that love these classic characters.

Recently, TikTok user @boatkitten posted a video of a five adorable kittens sitting on a table in front of the television. The camera pans over to the TV to reveal these kitties are watching Tom and Jerry! These little guys are so focused on the show, they aren't even distracted by the person standing right in front of them to record! Check out the video to see all the feline goodness.

This is too funny! It's amazing how focused these kittens are on watching Tom and Jerry. It almost feels like they're taking lessons on how to NOT try to catch a mouse!

The people in the comments couldn't get enough of this video. @ivy.the.spacebabe said, "The way their little heads move, I can't," and @godfreymacdaleneelisha commented, "We need more of this." Cuteness of this level definitely calls for a second, and even third, video.

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Others found it so funny that this show in particular was being played for the kittens. @user6739482747 commented that, "Training's in session," and @yapmando said, "They will all be scared of mice now." These kitties might start running away from mice if they watch too much of the show!

It's so adorable to see kittens watching television, we should start doing this will all baby animals!

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