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Kohl's' Employees Make a Sanctuary for Goose at Their Store and It's Too Sweet

When an animal starts to become a regular visitor, it really is an honor. That's exactly how the employees of @ovlovliv's local Kohl's must feel, too, because they made their visitor a whole sanctuary setup to relax in!

When she visits the store for Amazon drop-offs and a bit of shopping @ovlovliv stops by to check on the store's resident goose. Though she's not an employee herself, she's just as invested in the bird's health journey--and now so are we! Just look at the sweet little habitat she has set up for her--it's no wonder why she keeps coming back!

What a lucky girl! She certainly picked the right store to frequent, and if we were her, we'd never want to leave. By the sounds of it, she doesn't want to leave either!

We love @tucker5757 comment that said, "That’s so sweet and the fact that she stays says she appreciates it." We totally agree! Shade, water, snacks...what else could a goose girl need in life?

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When we read @cindyredmon's question--"awww nice what's wrong with the goose"--it did get us thinking. It is unusual for a goose to camp out in one spot like that, but perhaps nothing is wrong at all. "I think she is nesting, but I will find out next time I visit," the original poster replied. We're already crossing our fingers for an update! 

Until then, we'll just have to get our daily dose of birdie cuteness right here. No problem! It is fun to imagine that she is nesting though, just like @thand1718 did in his comment: "At least a month? Wow babies due any day then 🥰 Takes up to 28 days from what I read and seen from experience. I’ve watched plenty hatch 🐣." Well, now, we hope she's nesting! How cute would little goslings be?

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