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Man's Attempt to Rescue Koi Fish From a Vacant Mall in New York Is Going Viral

Heartbreaking footage of an abandoned koi pond has people all over the internet in tears. The video was shared by TikTok creator Greg Bashaw of Long Island, New York (@greg_bashaw) who must've been stunned when he saw what the once vibrant pond at the Sunrise Mall has since been reduced to. Fair warning, it might just make you tear up. 

According to Bashaw, the many koi fish have "seemingly been forgotten" in the now-shrinking mall. "The mall was once home of about 63 business and now only supports five," he explained in the video. "It was saddening to see me and my friend as the once major focal point of the mall," he added. "While I was here I didn't see any employees or security guards tending to or feeding the fish, but that doesn't mean it's not happening," he pointed out. 

Bashaw did point out that with less visitor traffic, it meant that there was probably less trash or inedible food being thrown into the koi pond. However, "The fish did approach us, but I can confidently say that's because they were in need of food," he added. 

People in the comments section were just as sad. "THIS IS SUNRISE MALL?!?!?!??!?!  IDK why this hurts to see but it does. Lots of good memories there," @fattgurrlgangg_ wrote. "Growing up on LI going to the mall, especially during Xmas, was an event. It’s sad to see them all go," @czar0406 added. "Thank you for checking on them," @dancingwithdisorders chimed in. 

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Some people wrote that the mall plans to move the fish to the Long Island Aquarium, which really warms our hearts. Here's hoping these fish find a happy home. 

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