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Kristin Chenoweth Asks Her Dog an Embarrassing Question Using a Translator App

If you haven't tried a dog translator app yet, you might want to get on the bandwagon! Basically, you say whatever it is you want to say into the app, and then it translates it into barks. Plenty of people are using them to try and better understand their pups, including celebrities. Kristin Chenoweth decided to try one out on her dog, Thunder Pup, although, the question she chose to ask is kind of embarrassing, if not a little mean!

She shared a video on TikTok of herself using the app with Thunder Pup, and based on the dog's reaction to the question, it definitely does seem like she understood what was being asked! (Poor girl.)

Aww. She looked so sad at first, and then she was like, "Whatever, mom! You think I have bad breath? How about a nice lick to the face?" People feel bad for the pup, and commenters left plenty of reactions. @Mitchie said, "(S)he looks so distressed. Kristin, you have to apologize." (Um, right? This sweet gal can't help it if her breath stinks.) Another TikTok user, @TerryJo added, "Aww. ThunderPup needs some breath mints 🥰😂." And @Mary Poppins joked, "Aww, (S)he’s like, 'Yes I do, but you're the one who ate onions at lunch. 😅.'"

We sure hope Thunder Pup got a huge apology from her mom in the form of her favorite treats. Despite the question Kristin asked being a bit on the harsh side, it looks like this dog is one very well-cared-for, pampered pooch.

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A little bad breath isn't enough to take away from this kind of cuteness! 

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