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Video of Black Lab Excitedly Unwrapping New Toy Is Priceless

Step aside Halloween, a new holiday is coming around the block. Time for Christmas cheer to be ringing and presents to be exchanged. We know we're still a few weeks out from the actual holiday, but there are some who lucked out and are celebrating early.  

TikTok user @thelabraseal posted the clip of Denzel the Black Labrador getting his new toy. But instead of his owner just handing over the toy, Denzel had to work to get it. The toy was all wrapped up just like a present. Check it out! 

Aww! This is so cute and the perfect video to get us moved from Halloween mode to the Christmas spirit. We're definitely going to be wrapping our dog's toys from now on. LOL! The creator said she used to gift him a toy once a week. Wow, talk about dedication! Now it's about once a month or whenever she sees a good toy to get him. That's something we can definitely do! 

"The amount of serotonin this fine little gentleman brings me," wrote @amllxa. SAME! Who knew watching someone else open a present would be so adorable? Watching him just made our entire week. 

Another TikTok user, @jennymarie203, commented, "I love how his tail wags the entire time he’s unwrapping his new toy." Some could argue that he was more excited about unwrapping than the present itself. LOL! We just love how he's so appreciative of the present and his new toy, which is why we wholeheartedly agree with @magsmoney who said, "He deserves every present." A million presents for the good boy!


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