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Lab Gets in The Way of His Mom Watering the Yard in the Most Hilarious Way

Now that the weather's getting warmer, you probably want to spend more time in your garden. But a dog makes things just a bit more complicated, don't they? One dog on TikTok loves it when her mom uses her garden hose, but the lengths she goes to show her affection has people cracking up online. 

It should of been a nice, quiet, day in the sun, but then things took a hilarious turn for the worst. "Trying to water the garden with a Lab like.." the TikTok creator @higginsadh wrote in the video's onscreen caption. Cut to her Lab Willow, who leapt in front of the water, mouth agape, not once but several times. "She just can’t resist a good water hose," she wrote in the caption. Was Willow thirsty? Or just having a bit of fun? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "This seriously just made me spit my coffee out!! Thank you for the laugh this morning," @cristyhazelwood wrote. "Lol my last dog would do this. sometimes she'd look at the hose off and I'd tell her it's sleeping," @kikinov99 confessed. "This video made my life worth living!! Hahahahaah so silly!" @stephoxoanie explained. "I have a Cocker Spaniel that does this! He won't go out in the rain but goes crazy over the hose," @sandradee527 chimed in. 

Later in the thread, @higginsadh shared that she was surprised Willow's video got so much attention. "Two million views! Insane! I’m happy to know my Willow girl brought a good laugh to so many people. She’s the life of the party!" she wrote. 

And we can see why!