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Story of Two Lab Siblings Becoming BFFs Absolutely Melts Our Hearts

It's either hit or miss when a family adds a new baby to the family. Sometimes the older one will absolutely adore the addition. But other times, jealousy sets in and they don't want anything to do with the new baby. This is the same for both human siblings and furry ones. 

But if this recent clip from TikTok user @myredlabs24 taught us anything, it's to just trust the process. Even though the older Red Lab wasn’t excited about the family’s new puppy, his thoughts quickly changed. And the progression of them becoming besties is too beautiful for words. 

Aww! The caption was right on point - some things just take time. And we're so glad these two have each other now. Luckily, the creator said that the jealousy lasted only about a week. That's short in comparison to what other families have to deal with! LOL! 

It might have been stressful at first with the constant worry they would never get along. But this TikToker wrote in the comments, "I’ll never ever regret this decision! He’s so happy… and she’s so happy! Which is all a dog momma can ask for!" See!? Everything works out in the end, even if it causes a few headaches at first. 

@jessrush89 commented, "Aww how cute, he now has a best friend." A bestie for the rest of his life! "They look so cute together ❤️😍 💓 💖," added @user9154230601345. Right?! They seriously look like they were made for each other! 


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