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Video of Lab Trying to Pass the Time Before Dinner Is Served Is Way Too Cute

If it were up to this dog, dinnertime would be anytime. Dublin the Yellow Labrador Retriever is one hungry pup, and he isn't afraid to let his people know it. Just look at him waiting by his bowl!

It comes as no surprise that TikTok is losing it over this silly boy. His account, @got_thedub, already boasts over 100 thousand likes, and we're not at all surprised. If we had any say in it, this puppers would already be famous! By the looks of his adorable videos, though, it's only a matter of time. Exhibit A: Dublin waiting (and waiting and waiting) for dinnertime. 

Oh, buddy, you're too cute waiting right by the bowl. We promise it's almost dinnertime! Until then, though, you've got the whole "waiting" thing down. 

Just look how comfy he made himself! Still, we're sure he had one eye on the clock the entire time. "Coming to remind you times almost up 😂," commented @chelseadavis110. He totally was! Little did he know you had gotten the hint three hours ago.

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And why did his owner get the hint so soon, you ask? Because snack-iness runs in the family. "I learned it from my human 🤫," @got_thedub admitted, and honestly, we can relate to that on a personal level. So can @heibel88 who wrote, "I’m this but in human form." You're in great company, we can tell you that! 

Although most of TikTok is in stitches over this pup's antics, some really aren't surprised. "It’s a lab What do you expect?" asked @user1778152789949. LMAO, you do have a point there. Labrador Retrievers are known for being especially food motivated, and by the looks of it, Dublin is going to be no exception.

Commenter @allureboudoirbycamille reminded us that all dogs can be this way, though. It's more than Labs who wait for dinnertime! "Our Shepard starts at 1:30 pm too haha," she explained. That's absolutely precious! Sounds like a new TikTok trend if you ask us...

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