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Labradoodle's Response to Being Caught With a Live Chicken Is Just Priceless

Some stories just write themselves--like this one from @quirkynaturegirl. It stars Zephyr the Labradoodle and one poor, innocent chicken (don't worry, they weren't hurt!), but the hilarious man behind the camera played just as important of a role. 

No one had known it yet, but Zephyr the Labradoodle had taken himself for a little adventure by the time he was found by the man--the chicken's owner. Luckily, Zephyr is a very good boy, so a very chaotic situation stayed under control. Phew!

Still, it's impossible not to get a chuckle out of this guy's antics, especially when the pup is in such entertaining company! 

OMG, Zephyr is so naughty! We can't believe he had a whole chicken in his mouth like he did, but the truly impressive feat is his incredible recall skills. Good thing he dropped it when he did!

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"This was the most controlled hostage negotiations I’ve ever seen 🤣 🤩," joked commenter @xleighcx. It so was! Everyone did what was asked of them and was very polite about it, too. Very impressive! 

Just like @grumpyb00ts noticed, even the chicken was well-trained. "Everyone commenting on on well trained dog n I'm amazed at the chicken lol 'come ere... chicken: 'don't have to tell me twice' lol." LOL, indeed! If anything, though, OMG might be the more accurate remark.

Still, what in the world was going through Zephyr's mind when he decided to grab a chicken? According to the top-liked comment of the video from @userlucyjohnson, he was likely just being a dog! 

"Right I’ve got a chicken 🐔," she wrote."Now what to do… find human to bring…. that’s right I am a good dog 🐶." Ha! We wouldn't be surprised it that were the case. With an innocent-looking face like Zephyr's, a pup could get away with anything! 

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