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Labradoodle's Response to Mom Pausing the TV Is Just Too Funny

Kids love bugging their parents for attention, but they know better than to interrupt Mom and Dad when they're busy. This is why children will wait for the exact moment their parents become available to start pestering them. One dog used the same trick on her mom, and the result is hilarious.

TikTok user @josiedoodleshenanigans recently shared a video of her Labradoodle, Josie, acting very silly. In the video, Josie is in a separate room from her mom playing by herself while her mom watches television. As soon as her mom pauses the TV, Josie sticks her head into the hallway and stares at her mom. Check out the video to see what Josie does next now that her mom is free!

LOL, this is too funny! Josie immediately ran to go bother her mom, and the way her floppy ear landed on her head after she jumped on the couch is hilarious. Her mom said it looks like a toupée, and we totally agree!

People in the comments thought Josie was such a funny pup. @sanazmesa said, "The toupée ear is the best thing I’ve ever seen." Another user, @cici_rockstar, commented, "This made me laugh so hard. I’ve watched it over and over. So funny. The side eye cracks me up." That pup was too funny, we had a good laugh over the video!

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Others had some very funny ideas as to who Josie looked like with this hairstyle. @suesued65 commented, "Looks like Moe from The Three Stooges, too cute," and @tinah736 said, "Why does she look like Will from Stranger Things?" Josie definitely has a few doppelgängers with this crazy hair-do!

Josie was ready to hang out with mom when she paused the TV, but didn't expect her mom to start laughing at her hair when she tried to play! Next time Josie should make sure to tie back her hair so she doesn't get it flying around her head again.

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