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Video of Labrador Finally Warming Up to New Puppy Sibling Couldn't Be Sweeter

Introducing your child to their new baby brother or sister can be hard — but introducing your pet children to each other can be just as difficult too. Just like a Labrador Retriever from England named Rolo, who was just a tad unsure about his new baby brother Ralph. But a video of the two of them finally bonding is a victory for everyone. 

Ralph might be a cute, little, puppy, but there's one person he'd yet to impress. "Rolo was 6 when we got Ralph and he was really skeptical at first," the video from @rolo.and.ralph explained in the text overlay. "This was Ralph's 9th night at home when Rolo finally let him get into his bed without running away," it continues. Okay, this video is seriously cute. Just look at Ralph as he accepts his new sibling. 

"The start of a beautiful friendship," the caption reads. 

The footage resonated with so many people and has since been watched almost 1 million times online.

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"So beautiful. The way little Ralph rolled straight over to show his submissiveness to older Rolo. Dogs are so clever," @joannest888 wrote in the comments section. "Took my first dog 2 years to bed share with my second. It was an emotional moment when it finally happened," @kerriemuchodoggos shared. "I love this so much. Puppies just have a way of wiggling into even the most skeptical hearts," @flamingoflamango added. "I think Rolo realized he was here to stay," joked. 

We're just happy that these two finally became friends with each other. Or as their owner explained in an update video — "They're joint at the hip and best friends."

It goes to show that you really can never tell.

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