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Older Labrador's First Attempt at an Agility Competition Has People Crying Happy Tears

We love to see inspiring stories of dogs beating the odds to do amazing things because many times, age will catch up to our pets and they won't be able to run and jump like they used to be able to. Well, one dog is proving the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is a bunch of baloney!

TikTok user @good.boy.ollie recently shared a video of their senior chocolate Labrador, Ollie, preparing to participate in his first agility competition. This pup was not going to let his age stop him, and he did an amazing job on the agility course! Check out the video to see how Ollie did in the competition.

WOW, we are so proud of Ollie! He got first place in his first agility competition despite being the oldest dog there. We are very impressed with how quickly he picked up on the task at hand!

People in the comments got emotional after watching Ollie achieve this accomplishment. @anneberginbennett said, "This is so sweet, I had tears watching this," and @k80urlady commented, "Ollie makes me cry happy tears." We love to see senior dogs defying the odds and remaining active as they get older!

Others were extremely impressed with Ollie! @dystoniamedicalre commented, "This is such an amazing lesson for all! Thank you, Ollie, I’m in awe of you!" Another user, @septemberninetyfour, said, "Quite frankly this ought to be in the national news." We agree, someone needs to call up all the biggest news stations so they can give this accomplishment adequate coverage!

We love that Ollie achieved such great success on his first attempt at an agility competition. This is such an inspiring story for people and animals to always try to accomplish your dreams regardless of your age!

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