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Chocolate Lab's Reaction to a DIY Ball Pit Is Totally Irresistible

If you think you've seen happiness, just wait until you see this precious Chocolate Labrador Retriever. His mama gave him the best day ever by making a ball pit for him to play in, and it's the best thing we've seen in a while. Like, a while

Good Boy Ollie is famous online for his 'special jar,' from which he gets to pick a special activity at random every weekend. This time around, he selected 'ball pit,' so he and his mama got to work! Well...his mama got to work. Ollie got to be involved with every step of the process, but he was just as thrilled to play in his finished ball bit. His joy is positively infectious, and when we say you have to see this, we mean it!

Oh my goodness, Ollie looked so happy the entire time! We still can't wipe the smile off our face. Honestly, though, this idea seemed so easy but so fun--we're considering trying this for our own pup! 

Our hearts positively melted when we saw Ollie jumping around in his ball pit, but we're far from alone in that regard. @Sallypogs, who commented, "He’s just so adorable. Best insta account!" must feel the same way--especially with a top-rated comment like that! 

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We love what @dexterthebalancingdog said about this doggo's epic hopping skills, too. "New Ollie character unlocked: 🦘boy," he wrote. LOL! The good boy totally got some height on those jumps of his, now that Dexter mentioned it. He doesn't act at all like the sugar-faced senior he is--only his snout gives him away!

We really wish every dog could experience a day like this. It's so special for the pup, and an amazing way for dog and owner to bond. No wonder @something.about.ruby was so moved by the clip! 

"Why has this made me feel so emotional," asked. Because it's so genuine and sweet! Pet parents from across the globe understand the significance of a happy fur baby. It's a gift that never, ever stops giving!

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