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Video of Mama Labrador Caring for Her Only Surviving Puppy Is Breaking Hearts

The sad reality about giving birth is that not everything always ends in smiles and tears of joy. There are oftentimes complications associated with giving birth. And not just for humans. Animals unfortunately can feel the pain of losing a baby too. Our hearts break for these instances just as much as it does for humans. But human or not, all these moms are so resilient. 

A recent video from TikTok user @labbylaughterndoodles is especially breaking our hearts. This yellow labrador, who is a first-time momma, lost her entire litter except for one. Ugh, we can't even imagine. Despite the loss, this doggo wasn't going to stop being the best mom she could be. She looks after her little girl that survived more than ever. The creator said, "She keeps that little girl between her 2 front legs and sleeps with her neck to neck." Aww, and what she does in the video is just proof she'll never let that little one out of her sight. 

Ugh, this one hurts. She's such a sweet mama that's still trying her best even after such a terrible loss. "This is making me SOB," said @hannah golladay. Seriously, we can't stop crying! It's inspiring that even after everything she's been through, she's giving her all. And we know she'll never stop caring!

@susact commented, "She doesn't know what she's doing but she's trying like every first momma." It's true! No one warns you about how hard it actually is to be a parent, but the difficulty doesn't stop parents when the time actually comes. The creator wrote in the comments, "For a first-time mom, I couldn't ask for a better one ❤️." You really can't ask for better! Like come on, have you ever seen such a hardworking first-time mom? 

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"Aww poor girl, I'm glad one was able to make it so the mama wouldn't feel lonely," wrote @notsotalented101. Us too! Although, we know this family would never let this mama feel lonely. We hope she's getting all the attention, love and treats she could ever want to help heal a broken heart. 

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