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Dog Mom Comes Home to Find Her Labrador Chewed Up $2k in Cash

Dog parents know that sometimes our fur babies misbehave and do something naughty, but we will always love them no matter what. However, our dogs can really test the limits of our love with a particularly troublesome act. One pup recently put her mom's love to the test with this very expensive decision.

TikTok user @kimkruk recently shared a video of what her yellow Labrador Retriever, Zoey, tore up while Mom was out of the house. In the video, Kim shows the shredded remains of many one hundred dollar bills and gives the camera an exasperated look. Totally understandable! Check out the video to see the results of Zoey's destruction and what the pup thinks about this ordeal.

Wow, Zoey is one naughty dog! Her mom said that in the span of two hours she tore up almost $2,000. This would certainly put a damper on our mood. We're sure Zoey's mom forgave her eventually, but the pup probably had to pull out her best puppy dog eyes.

People in the comments were feeling this woman's frustration but tried to crack a few jokes to lighten the mood. @donnadc07 said, "The fur baby has expensive taste," and @ifyourpettalked commented, "She made change!" Zoey needs to get a job to pay off the bills she tore up and learn the value of money!

Zoey's dad tried to reassemble the torn shreds with tape in a desperate attempt to have the bank exchange them for whole, untorn bills. Check out his valiant effort in the video below that reminds us of the world's worst puzzle.

People in the comments of this follow up video were not jealous of the task ahead of this couple. @dameatlovato said, "That's the craziest puzzle of all time," and @lesaknighton commented, "This is going to be one of the hardest puzzles to put together." Let's hope Zoey's dad like's problem solving and mind games!

Despite Zoey's best efforts, it seems like this couple attempts to get their money replaced is going well! We hope that they are able to replace all of the torn bills, especially so Zoey doesn't have to feel so guilty. We know she felt bad once she understood that money is what pays for her food and toys!

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