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Video of Labrador 'Doing a Handstand' in the Lake Is Quickly Going Viral

There is nothing better than spending a hot summer day splashing around in the water. With the sun on your face, a day spent outdoors is just ideal. Just take a look at a video of a Labrador Retriever having the time of his life at a lake recently, which shows the pup doing what he does best: playing around! 

Maximillian (@yellowlabmarine) is described as a "local diving instructor" on his page — and there's ample evidence on his page that this is true. A recent video shows the dog going deep underwater. "He's a 10, but gives you a little heart attack every time you take him to a lake because he starts diving for rocks..." the video's text overlay reads. You definitely need to watch the footage. Just look how deep Maximillian goes! 

"Thought I lost my dog forever when I first saw this," his owner joked in the caption. 

The video has since been watched over 11.6 million times. "His paws in the air," @katie__katherine wrote in the comments section. "You saw that mom?" @inlovewithf1ctionalmen teased. "Bro got better swimming skills than me," @smilt3_eq joked. "He’s a good swimmer not gonna lie," @erins.edits1 added. 

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And some people joked that the pup was doing a handstand. "Me showing a stranger my handstand at the pool when I was 6," @vai.yrk joked. "He said 'I can do a handstand,'" @krista.perry kidded. "He just wants to show you he can do a handstand," @qckson.edits wrote before adding an eye-roll emoji. 

Whatever he was doing, it was absolutely adorable. We wish were having the kind of summer day that Maximillian was! 

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