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Viral Video of Labrador Getting His Very First Pet Is Just Too Cute

Ollie the Labrador (@good.boy.ollie) is one lucky puppy. Every weekend his human lets him pick a special activity to do. And his most recent treat was the best one yet! That's because Ollie got his very own pet. And the results of Ollie seeing his first pet in action is just too sweet.

It's a tradition in Ollie's house, that every weekend he gets to pick from his special activity jar. In the past, Ollie's activities have ranged from having his own personal tea party to even trying his hand at painting. But nothing could've prepared him for his most recent pick. "Wow my first pet!" the video's onscreen caption reads. That's right! Ollie got some fish! His parents climbed all the way up to the attic to get the fish tank ready and Ollie looks so darn excited as he helps his parents set it up. "We’ve been looking forward to this one!" the video's caption reads.

Later in the video, Ollie's owner revealed that the fish weren't real, they were plastic. But Ollie seemed extremely happy all the same.

The comments section really adored Ollie and his new pets. And many people chimed in with suggestions for names. "Left to right: Harry, Hermione, and Ron," @mykomushroom wrote. "I think Phineas, Ferb and Candice are very appropriate names for Ollie’s fish," @courtmarieann added. While @delelusvr kept it simple. "Ollie 1, Ollie 2, and Ollie 3."

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Later in the thread, Ollie's owner explained that they chose plastic fish because they "Can’t be dealing with all the water testing and tank cycling." But thankfully we don't think Ollie will notice.

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