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Labrador's Sad Reaction to Saying Goodbye to Grandma Gives Us All the Feels

Grandparents have a special kind of love, different from our parents and different from our siblings. For some of you, your grandparents might have been your first friends, which is why the bond with them is so strong. A bond that you cherish forever. As it is with any best friend, you don't want to leave their side. So after a grandparent visit, saying goodbye is always so hard. And that's no different for grand doggos. 

Don't believe us? Just watch TikTok doggo @littlelunagrace. Luna the Labrador's grandma was visiting. And with every visit, there's always a time to say goodbye, but Luna wasn't having it. She was trying everything she could to make grandma stay, which of course, broke our hearts. We didn't want grandma to leave either because we hated seeing Luna so upset and you'll feel the same! 

Aww!! The poor little pup didn't want her nana to leave. And we understand why! Grandparents have a special love and a unique bond with us that we never want to leave them. The same goes for Luna. She didn't want to say goodbye to her nana. She even tried keeping her there by putting her paws on her hands. And that face! Ugh, how could anyone leave that sweet, sweet face?!

@Lynn_Momof6 suggested, "Let that baby go spend the night with nana." YES! It will make her entire week if she gets to spend more time with nana. They need special time together to bond. That's just the rules! @btvelez said, "She looked at you like, 'Why don't you leave? Nana can stay.'" LOL! 

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"Nana didn't leave too quickly. Made sure that she got kisses. That means a lot," wrote @jvbooklover. It sure does mean a lot! She knew she couldn't leave without giving Luna some loving. Or else we would imagine Luna would've been a wreck! Now let's see more of Luna and nana soon! 

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