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Black Labrador Puppy's Enthusiasm Over Bath Time Is Just the Best

For most pet owners, bathtime can really be a pain. Especially if your dog is a little afraid of water. But luckily that's not the case for one dog on TikTok, who went viral for just how excited he was to get a bath. Sigh, don't we wish it was this easy for all of us?

Sully didn't need to be told twice that it was time to get washed. As can be seen in a video on his page @sullytheblacklab2.0, he was downright hopping to get into the tub. 

How cute is Sully? He clearly loves splashing around in the water and even sat patiently in the tub while his mama went to get him a towel. So cute! 

The footage has since been watched over 400,000 times and people were so impressed. "Mine always get the zoomies after a bath," @brandiclemens wrote. "How’d you get him to WANT baths??" @jlouheath wondered. "The sigh of relief I breathed when he actually stayed," @jenn_and_chloe chimed in. "I love how he enjoys bath time! Plus, he listens to directions so well!! He was such a good boy and deserves a treat and cuddle!" @lindsayk1986 exclaimed. 

We totally agree! The mom even shared a second video where she revealed how she got Sully to love the bath. 


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