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Video of Labrador Dad Taking Care of His Puppies While Mom Lives It Up Is Heartwarming

You do your best to be a good pet parent to your dog. But watching them with their own puppies can be so sweet. Take one extremely good boy on TikTok, who recently proved that he's the best papa to his pups. Mori was more than willing to play with his children so that their mom could get a little "me time." And boy oh boy, video of Mori going into Super Dad mode is simply the best.

The adorable footage was later posted by @mori_and_florence, who has been sharing updates on her two Labrador Retrievers and their pups. The footage shows Mori palling around with his many, many pups, while Mom is off having a ball. "When Daddy watches the pups so momma can get belly rubs," the video's text overlay reads. "First year as a pup father and he’s crushing it," the captions reads. Just look at how happy Mori is. The look on his face says it all. 

With almost 900,000 views, people couldn't get enough of this proud papa. "Loved the pups at the end. Mom’s belly goes up and it’s 'Ooh, is it lunch time already?'" @b.o.b.32 wrote. "Awww....such a good daddy. They're all so cute!!" @kristinhoffmann6 added. "This just made my day. Labradors forever," @labradorfather gushed. 

Many people remarked that all of the babies looked like their father — except for one. And @mori_and_florence shared that all the pups in the litter are males. 

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So we guess you could call Mori a boy dad. Too cute!

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